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Don't Want My Kids To Be Homeless

WorriedSickof3 started this conversation

My husband was a subcontractor and has No work and I just lost my job due to lack of work and I dont qualify for unemployment, We have 3 Children (son,Jake 9,daughter Shelby 5, Daughter haley 7) and we have no way to pay our bills our church did pay our heat bill last month but we are going to lose our home and our church does not have enough money to help us it is a small church. We Dont want to be homeless for our kids sake could anyone out there help us? If it was just my husband and myself I would not care IT'S MY KIDS I worry about having to live in a car, My libary has grant gate but I cant find anything in michigan, could someone Please Help I would be Very Very Greatful, Thank You Very Much-WorriedSickof3

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